How far will you travel for projects?

Our main area is in Vancovuer area, We have been all over the state of WA, Seattle, Tri Cities, Wenatchee, Moses Lake, also in Oregon from MT Hood to Seaside and in Portland.

Why is the white stuff on my brick or stone?

The white material which appears on brick is a powdery mass of minerals called efflorescence. Efflorescence occurs when moisture moves through concrete or other masonry. The moisture picks up minerals, carries them to the surface of the masonry and leaves them behind in the form of tiny crystals on the surface as the moisture evaporates. The minerals themselves do no harm. Efflorescence can sometimes be brushed away with a stiff brush and water. Most cases it takes a solution wash.

How can i prevent efflorescence on my brick or stone from coming back?

For an existing wall, check for leaking gutters or loose downspouts that allow rain to run down the brick, which may be the source of water causing the efflorescence to form. Check for gaps at the top of brick walls or flashing around chimneys that is loose or missing. Cap flashing or coping are also areas where water can get into the brick. Sealer would be a good idea only after the other problems are fixed and have allowed the brick to dry thoroughly.